You were not even born yet, and John was already doing the long rides (randonnées). He became the soul of the peloton even though a "grupetto" was a term alien to him. The mountains and the long ascents among the boulder giants he loved, was what formed him. All those long days in the saddle made him into a universal rider - he was not scarred of the narrow roads, of wind or rain. His caring mind and a flair for the sport gained him the respect of all those, who knew him. John was a hard worker, a striver and an invaluable buddy. He cared about the nature and he wished that the following generation could experience the joy of riding clean roads wafting from the cities to the countryside, winding up to the clouds and falling down to a valley like a crystal-clear water.


We are two guys from Czech Republic, Martin from Raškovice and Tadeáš from Frýdlant and Ostravicí. We want to feel the thrill from creating, learning new things, and contributing to the environment. John Bidon is our pal, and we will show him the world.