Cycling Poster – Coffee Break

Original Art - a cycling poster JOHN BIDON - COFFEE BREAK

  • SIZE 50x70 cm is printed on a semi-matte photo-paper (like glossy paper)
  • SIZE 30x40 cm is printed on a glossy paper (like semi-matte photo-paper)
  • The poster is delivered wrapped in newspaper and a hard carton tube, so it remains intact (we cannot guarantee a high-quality content newspaper.)
  • The frame is not a part of the package.


399 CZK is approximately 15€

699 CZK is approximately 27€


Coffee is cycling and cycling is coffee. It is always the right time for coffee. The cost of your bike, the kilometres you manage to get in, all those kudos on Strava - none of it really matters, when you stop for a cup of coffee on your Sunday ride. And when you will be climbing a hill on your vacation in Italy, the espresso and cappuccino stops are going to be obligatory. If you honour the fine cycling culture, you will take your helmet off before you sit down to sip on your beverage. 

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Starting at 399.00 Kč