Cycling Poster – Just one beer


Original Art - a cycling poster JOHN BIDON - JUST ONE BEER

  • SIZE 50x70 cm is printed on a semi-matte photo-paper (like glossy paper)
  • SIZE 30x40 cm is printed on a glossy paper (like semi-matte photo-paper)
  • The poster is delivered wrapped in newspaper and a hard carton tube, so it remains intact (we cannot guarantee a high-quality content newspaper.)
  • The frame is not a part of the package.


399 CZK is approximately 15€

699 CZK is approximately 27€


There were times, when no support cars rode next to the cyclists to hand them an energy gel or a snack. There were times when no gels existed at all! Quite often, the racers had to rely on help of bystanders. Or pubs. It was nothing special to get a pint of beer or a glass of rosé. An interesting fun fact: During one day of Le Tour (1904), Henri Cornet could eat a kilo and a half of rice pudding, he drank four litres of tea and eleven litres of hot chocolate. He washed it all down with champagne.

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