A Water Cycling Bottle CHAIN

An original cycling bottle JOHN BIDON.

  • The bottle is made of BIO plastic material.
  • The bottle is compostable.
  • A model SHIA-BIO of the renowned manufacturer TACX.
  • Read more about the TACX bottles.
  • Volume: 0,5 l
  • Weight: 80g


349 CZK is approximately 14€ 


We all have a friend who will pour oil not only on the chain, but just make sure, he will spray it everywhere. The excess oil attracts more dirt and grease wears down components. The bike looks filthy and the oil combined with dirt makes you slower. In this case, less is more. Each joint needs only a drop, the let it sit overnight and before you ride out in the morning, do not forget to wipe it off. This way, the oil remains only where it is supposed to. 

290.00 Kč