A Water Cycling Bottle PELOTON

An original cycling bottle JOHN BIDON.

  • The bottle is made of BIO plastic material.
  • The bottle is compostable.
  • A model SHIA-BIO of the renowned manufacturer TACX.
  • Read more about the TACX bottles.
  • Volume: 0,5 l
  • Weight: 80g


349 CZK is approximately 14€



In French, a Peloton means a "ball" and ornithologist agree that the formation reminds them of a flying flock. Therefore, peloton as a group of two or more riders going in a "ball", creates and effective gliding formation, and this can make the work easier for those in the middle. Those at the front must fight the resistance and the wind, but if the peloton works right, after some time those riders get to hide into the ball and fresh riders come upfront. The peloton speed is up to the leaders, they can make it faster, but they can also slow it down. The shape of peloton is often given by the wind direction. 

290.00 Kč