A Water Cycling Bottle „THE BUST“

An original cycling bottle JOHN BIDON.

  • The bottle is made of BIO plastic material.
  • The bottle is compostable.
  • A model SHIA-BIO of the renowned manufacturer TACX.
  • Read more about the TACX bottles.
  • Volume: 0,5 l
  • Weight: 80g


349 CZK is approximately 14€ 


A hard worker who is not afraid of the tough cycling craft. Many "stars" rode in his shadow. Nor did he waver to go back for the suffering leader, nor to trail for hours at the front line. A self-less tough rider whose gentlemanly manner gained him the respect of the whole peloton. The Dolomites, Alps, and Pyrenees, they all remember his cold-blooded attacks. John is a legend. 

290.00 Kč